Clients say

"One of the best professionals of SQL server. I can recommend Michal to your SQL servers. He is really good for your SQL and his solution is very quick and his recommendations is instructive for everyone SQL Admin."

Vladimír Püschner
IT & Project Director DPD CZ
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Testimonial from Peter Zwinkels image

"I am working with Michal for almost a year right now. He is by far the most driven and best SQL Server expert I have worked with. He is familiair with the newest versions of SQL Server but also the what more out dated versions. He is very capable to help you maintain, migrate or update your SQL Server environment. Therefore I can recommend Michal if you are looking for an customer orientated SQL Server expert. "

Peter Zwinkels
Manager of IT Supply

"Michal is highly skilled profesional in MS SQL server field. I was pleased to cooperate with Michal on database platform restructualisation project. Although it was a long and thorny path, Michal managed to guide us with his experience, consultancy and support all along the way. "

Juraj Boldiš
CIO at Bohemia Energy entity
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Testimonial from Michal Hocky image

"I can recommend Michal to everyone who has problems with MSSQL server. We had serious problems and only he (from several invited external consultants) was able to solve it. He is real professional with stunning knowledge and that's why we are using his services for over 3 years. "

Michal Hocky
Senior Database Administrator at RFERL

"I am very glad to give recommendation on Michal's work. Through our long term cooperation in delivering services to us and to our clients I perceive Michal, first of all, as a reliable professional with very high standards, deep domain expertise (with overlap to other areas) and strong customer focus. I always have a full confidence in success of our infrastructure projects thanks to Michal's responsible and active approach, strong drive, problem-solving orientation and perfect communication skills (both towards team and customers). This positive reference is constantly being proven by our very satisfied customers and database systems working like Swiss watches."

Ivan Holko
IT Services Delivery Manager at Blue Dynamic s.r.o.
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Testimonial from Josef Mačica image

"Michael is excellent professional with excellent knowledges MS SQL. Has extensive experience in leadership projects implementation and is able to solve you best-more complicated difficulties pair with running DB, including performance."

Josef Mačica
Manager IT, Air Bank a.s.

K Michalovi jsme se dostali na doporučení před lety, kdy nás trápil výkon SQL a pomalé ERP. Zkusili jsme opravdu mnoho, řada odborníků radila, firma nakupovala ale nikam jsme se neposunuli. Až Michal provedl podrobnou analýzu, celou řadu srovnávacích testu z různou konfigurací, našel úzká místa a navrhl řešení jak na straně HW, tak na straně SW. Neskončilo však jen u doporučení, aktivně se podílel na optimalizaci a rekonfiguraci databáze, stejně tak vedl vývojáře ERP správným směrem při vývoji. Zhruba půlroční práce nesla první "ovoce", dnes jsme již druhým rokem spokojení uživatelé našeho ERP, smysl Michalova práce rozhodně měla.

Patrik Prikrt
Project Manager ICT ve společnosti T.S BOHEMIA a.s.
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Testimonial from Michal Kubica image

Michal is a real professional if we talk about Microsoft SQL Server and SQL data platform, and as a head of Woodler company I can just recommend Michal and his company as a SQL support provider. Very strong administration, design and performance tuning skills and experiences, that's his business and he is doing it extremely good. When I had some troubles with SQL server or needed support, I was very confident to ask him for help and it was the best choice. Thumb UP for Michal and Woodler!

Michal Kubica
MS SQL Server / Data Platform Consultant at BOHEMIA ENERGY

I worked with Michal in many occasions on very difficult projects,where we faced many unsupported configurations and challenges. He provided his very deep knowledge of SQL server and greatoverview of technologies in general. I can recommend him as reliable and very experienced person who really understand his job.

Antonín Vinš
Experienced IT freelancer and senior support engineer. Architect with specialization on MS CRM and MS BizTalk platforms
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Testimonial from Tomáš Galko image

Michal was recommended to us as SQL specialist with own team, finally it turned out as he and his team are the most driven and best SQL Server experts whom we ever worked with. They are capable to help you maintain, migrate or update your SQL Server environment. Providing assistance on daily performance issues or analysis and supervision on projects involving himself or skilled team. I strongly recommend him if you face any database issues or planning any SQL DB projects.

Tomáš Galko
CIO Czech Republic at Dr.Max Pharmacy Chain

Profesionálny prístup, rýchly reakčný čas a vysoká odborná úroveň, môžem odporučiť.

Matúš Hološ
DB Architect and Senior Database Specialist (MS SQL)
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Testimonial from Milan Krajčovič image

Michal is good. So good that one always feels that one does not know something or has forgotten something. That's good, because it makes me get better and better. So is he. Better and better And he knows how to help when you're in trouble. Always. There are still not enough like him and Woodler.

Milan Krajčovič
Product Specialist ve společnosti ComuGroup Medical