After some time, we have finally released big set of changes and fixes for currently known issues. Most visible is new Waiting Task report for operational analysis, added timeline button for Index Usage & recommendation, new functionality to search for any specific query or plan which you could find in the tool reports and extended range of execution plan attributes in its report. 


Here is the full list:


  • Fix for news versioning.
  • Fix for unknown wait types. Updated types of waits to SQL 2017 version, so   Wait report shows them correctly.
  • Fix for Index Usage by database, table, index timeline button. Now you may   see also only statistics for specified time, previously you have only cumulative   values.
  • Fix for Index Recommendation timeline report update. Here you also see real   values during specified timeframe.
  • Perf tuning for Memory Report. We have improved performance 20 times   when big sets of data are reported.
  • Fix for not valid number of queries per query hash reported by Query   Summary Report.
  • Update for Query Hash Report to allow filtering on database.
  • Fix for maintenance report showing duplicate rows. Also, added "Grand Total &   Total" description for summarized rows.
  • Fix for Maintenance Report filter showing unfiltered and unordered list.
  • Fix for Maintenance Report where report id 3 missing (used for maintenance   log detail).
  • Fix for Job Report Filter showing unordered set. Fixed Inaccurate data based   on time range.
  • Fix for Job Detail Report not showing data from timeline.
  • Fix for Alerts Log Report to show also older active alerts when using time filter.
  • Fix for Maintenance stats report. Added schema to [CommandToTune]   recommendation.
  • Fix for Collector Status reporting procedure. Added collector status report for   admins for troubleshooting SMT processing issues.
  • Updated Parallel collector to give threads a better chance to finish if no work is   available.
  • Added description to alerts (on click of alert name) in Sever dashboard.
  • Minor tweaks for Memory Report descriptions.
  • Added new execution plan attributes to plan report (StatementOptmLevel,   CardinalityEstimationModelVersion, StatementSubTreeCost,   EstimatedDegreeOfPrl, StatementOptmEarlyAbortReason,   NonParallelPlanReason)
  • Added new execution plan attributes to plan report Database Name and Plan   Encrypted to help understand why we missing plan for  the query.
  • Added new performance metric PhyReads to query report which allow you to   analyze queries which bloated storage on read operations.
  • Improved column description in Query Report.
  • Updated Wait Report procedures to perform faster and more universally.
  • Created new version of Waiting Tasks Report to allow better operational   analysis.
  • Updated small bug with data ordering for internal Table Size Report.
  • Fixed bug where Maintenance Reports showed more data in filters than reality.
  • Fixed bug in Cpu Report not showing always correct values.
  • Updated Deadlock Report graph to better show deadlock issues.
  • Performance tuning tweaks for Storage Report. Added beater descriptions for   specific graphs and columns.
  • Fix for mail sender which updated all values in mailed column instead of one   which is sending.

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