SMT 1.2 version is out
by Jiří Doležálek on 09/02/2021

Releasing SMT 1.2 to you right now! Check the details.

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SMT 1.1 - updates
by Michal Tinthofer on 07/12/2020

Another changes to SMT are done and ready for the release

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SMT 1.0 development finished
by Jiří Doležálek on 30/10/2020

We just finished second major SMT development in 2020

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SMT 00.6.00 Released!
by Jiří Doležálek on 20/05/2020

Dear SMT users, We are glad to announce that a new version 00.6.00 is finally out.

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SMT 00.5.70 Released!
by Jiří Doležálek on 17/04/2019

New version of SMT is now available, you can have a look on the summary of changes.

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SMT 00.5.60 Released!
by Jiří Doležálek on 14/02/2019

We have a new SMT version, take a look what has been changed.

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