Good day to all SMT users,

Hello SMT users, we're excited to present the latest SMT 1.10 update, packed with powerful enhancements and exciting changes. This update includes all parts of SMT including frontend and the whole backend.

So, what have changed? Allow me to split the changes into two main categories.

User-Facing Enhancements:

  • Enhanced query performance collection
    for more precise data, improving your experience. The concept remains the same, where we collect only the most expensive queries, but we have made changes that would lead to more precise data for special cases when queries are often pushed out of cache and re-compiled or are being recognised as expensive only occasionaly.
    On instances where Last actual plan is available we will collect this one instead of estimated execution plan.
  • New Stored procedure performance collection and reporting.
    This goes along with the changes mentioned above. You can now easily track performance metrics of all stored procedures on the instance and find a relation to expensive queries.
  • Trigger performance collection
    the initial way was changed so it meets the new way of collection and works similarly to stored procedure collection.

    You won’t notice changes aroud query performance on the side of a reporting, but new reports for Procedures and Triggers can be found in “Procs & Triggers” category right below “Queries” category.
  • The “Now” feature
    now uses time at the monitored instance, which will be more accurates for insfrastructures spread along multiple timezones.
  • Coloured Text in Columns
    We can now show coloured text in columns, which should provide a better experience with improved readability.

Backend Improvements:

  • Built in Extended events collection
    a new module for collecting data from predefined Extended events with a reporting on these data. This is now in an internal preview as our tuners will be coming with a set of XE templates that will be useful for your ad-hoc analysis soon.
  • Version Store per DB
    We have added new data collection for Version store per database, currently just in the backend with a report creation pending, but you can access the data directly if you need them.
  • Dynamic reporting intervals
    Another step towards to having intervals in SMT more dynamic, this will allow us to add soon new intervals like 8 hours or 3 months for long term analysis and give users more flexibility.
  • Reduced sysadmin access
    We are now ready to make changes to lower the access level and improve security. This will be released in the future or on demand.
  • Application password change option
    Now we have options to change default password for our applicational account, we can provide guidance on how to change the password.
  • SMT API update
    is now running on .NET Core 7.x, which has full support and receiving updates, ensuring security and performance requirements are met.

Since the last full release, we have also migrated all existing customers to Clients portal so all user access can be now managed by the login managers.  

As per usual release there was a fair amount of bugfixes and small improvements to several areas.


On behalf of the SMT dev and support team I hope you will enjoy the new features and will continue to have a great experience with SMT.

Jiri Dolezalek

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