Dear SMT users and fans,

We just finished second major change of SMT in the year 2020.

As the previous one was more about backend changes and making the update process more flexible the current one was mostly about frontend and meant that the whole architecture and utilised technologies were changed.

In the meantime, we have also delivered more than 15 minor upgrades including reporting and collection part of SMT, which were done completely remotely, and we did not need to run any manual scripts in client’s environment.

Back to our current release, as the change is significant we jumped in the versioning to SMT 1.0 and it is a significant step on our way to make SMT self-manageable and give our future customers an option to install it and used it entirely on their own.

Frontend of SMT 1.0 is now REACT app using own API to handle communication between the app and database. New SMT app is loaded into user’s browser and runs there responding to users’ requests. One of the benefits of re-building the frontend – backend relationship from scratch allowed us to enhance the processes of loading data using caches and overall gain performance for the best user’s experience.

Additionally, using the modern frontend technology will provide us with options how to interact with user’s and this is already in our development pipeline among ideas for new reports.

Changes were also made around the user authentication, which has been centralised and users and their requests are verified against a point accessible via secured internet connection.

Last but not least, with all these significant changes all the reports have been standardized and are now built using the same or very similar approach depending on the particular type of the report and the optimal way how to provide the figures the SMT users are looking for.


Your SMT team.

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