We just released set of changes, enhancements and a few fixes marked as SMT version 1.2.

What has been done in this release?

  • The biggest change in this release is a new module to allow us sending notifications about alerts or events to users currently logged in SMT. For now, we will be using it to raise currently available alerts but it’s promising for the future as we will be able to send you notifications for example about a process that you scheduled through SMT.
  • We reimplemented an option to charts to show specific color for a particular graph. This has been working already in the SMT legacy version but needed some work to make it work again in the new frontend. This means that especially Wait reports will be now visually consistent, which should make it easier for you to work with them.
  • Query performance collection was extended with a possibility to collect performance statistics based on a keyword that is present in a query text. Let us know and we can set this for you. This will be made configurable soon.
  • In an experimental mode – currently available only for SMT administrators we added some tools and once it will be confirmed by our team as handy and working as intended, we will make those available for SMT power users. This includes:
    • Search in SMT collected data based on query hash without knowing the exact date when the query ran.
    • Search SQL server cache based on a query hash or a sql handle.
    • Search SQL server cache based on a plan hash or a plan handle.
    • Search SQL server cache based on a specific text.
    • Selectivity and distribution calculator for any column on the server.
  • On the UI side we changed the time to 24hrs format as some of you requested along this change, we made the time selection more comfortable as well.
  • We enhanced the way how SMT application is dealing with URL links, opening them in new tabs, handling manual page refresh and saving your filter choices. All of this to make your experience with SMT as much pleasant as possible.
  • Some empty links to download execution plans were changed to be shown as N/A, which will save you the disappointment of downloading an empty file.


While we are releasing this version, we are already planning and working on new changes and modules so you can look forward for a next update. Everybody on SMT 1.1 will get the new version in next 24hours through the automated upgrade process.


Please contact our team if you have any questions, which we will be more than happy to answer.

For SMT development team Jiri Dolezalek.

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