• Do you love SQL Server?
  • Like a personal challenge?
  • Happy to learn new stuff?
  • Analytical?
  • Like to technically own critical customer systems?
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Woodler is only dedicated company in CZ/SK region specializing directly on performance tuning and root cause analysis for SQL Servers.

Contact: Office@woodler.eu


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Availability Groups (AG) on named nistances? (Part 1/2)
by Michal Tinthofer on 23/07/2013

SQL Server 2012 introduced AlwaysOn Availability Groups, a feature intended to replace clustering, database mirroring, log shipping, replication, and other technologies by giving us one easy-to-manage feature for high availability, disaster recovery, and

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TechEd 2019
by Michal Tinthofer on 09/05/2019

We will be presenting at TechEd in Prague next week!

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SMT 1.0 development finished
by Jiří Doležálek on 30/10/2020

We just finished second major SMT development in 2020

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