A few weeks ago I had a task to create procedure for testing workload from production server on test environment.It surely wasn't a big deal, but I needed to learn many customer employees to repeat this task on regular basis. I started to look if somehow I could replay SQL trace without using SQL Server Profiler.

I have found one absolutely easy to use solution made by fellow Alex Lee on his webpage.

Replay Trace

A tool that replays SQL trace file in console. This tool replays SQL Profiler trace file against local or remote SQL Server

Download link


  • NET Framework 2.0
  • SQL Server Management Tools (client tool)


ReplayTrace [/S server] [E | /U login /P password] [/Q] [/N #_Of_Threads] [/M0 | /M1] [/DR0 | /DR1] [/DE0 | /DE1]

SQL trace file (file extension .trc ) /S server Replay will be run against this SQL Server instance /E Use Windows Authentication for /S SQL server /U user SQL login name for /S SQL Server /P pwd SQL login password for /S SQL Server /Q Quiet mode. By default, ReplayTrace displays progress every 10 trace events, but if using this option, the status progress will be suppressed. /N # [Replay Options] Number of replay threads /M0 [Replay Options] Replay events in the order they were traced (Default) /M1 [Replay Options] Replay events using multiple threads (Connection level sync) /DR0 [Replay Options] Disable replay results /DR1 [Replay Options] Display replay results (Default) /DE0 [Replay Options] Disable execution time (Default) /DE1 [Replay Options] Display execution time


C> ReplayTrace.exe test.trc /S . /E /N 10 /M1 /DR0

You can surely find many other useful tools on Alex web, they are grouped into few categories such a security, profiling, configuration,import/export and search. Also communication with Alex was smooth and flawless, with short reaction times to implement proposed changes.

Hope it helps.

BTW If you will find this tools useful for you as I, don't forget to donate good work.

With Regards,


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