Availability Groups (AG) on named nistances? (Part 1/2)
by Michal Tinthofer on 23/07/2013

SQL Server 2012 introduced AlwaysOn Availability Groups, a feature intended to replace clustering, database mirroring, log shipping, replication, and other technologies by giving us one easy-to-manage feature for high availability, disaster recovery, and

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SQL 2012 allow only 20 cores
by Michal Tinthofer on 01/10/2012

Anyway this post should focus on some different distressing news about SQL 2012.  If you have current software assurance (SA) for SQL Server 2008 R2, this allows you to slide into SQL Server 2012 while maintaining CAL licensing (by the way this is not pos

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How to check multiple backups stored in one file
by Michal Tinthofer on 26/06/2012

Backup device is a standard backup file. But this file is registered in management studio and often used to store more than one backups from database. There are also some pros and cons in usage compared to standard backups stored in folders and made by ma

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Issues with cluster installation
by Michal Tinthofer on 15/06/2012

Recently i have observed some problems with cluster installation in one of my clients. In server logs were those messages:

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Tool to measure Index Selectivity
by Michal Tinthofer on 05/06/2012

Sometimes when you plan to change your index design is good to know the columns of your tables. But not just a data type and max size.

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SQL 2012 Certification Changes
by Michal Tinthofer on 20/04/2012

Few days ago I have noticed that there will be a change (again) in certification paths for next generation of SQL servers. So I would like to recommend some thoughts about this from Microsoft Certified Masters (MCM) of Brent Ozar PLF Company.

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