SMT 1.11 It just runs faster and has more information!
by Michal Tinthofer on 23/05/2024

Today, we have prepared another release of SMT 1.11.0 for you. It is rather significant, and it should be since we haven’t had a big one since last summer. So take your time, sit down, and let’s go through the news in SMT.

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SMT 1.10.1 released
by Michal Tinthofer on 16/01/2024

SMT 1.10.1 changelog

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SMT 1.10 released
by Michal Tinthofer on 25/10/2023

SMT 1.10 changelog

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SMT 1.9 is ready
by Jiri Dolezalek on 12/05/2023

What to expect from new SMT version?

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First SMT release of 2023
by Jiri Dolezalek on 10/01/2023

First SMT release of 2023 has been made available

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More than minor amount of changes released.
by Jiri Dolezalek on 24/09/2022

New version has been released and more features than we planned initially made it in.

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