Easy performance gain for data extensive process
by Michal Kovaľ on 24/05/2022

This is one of our tuning successes, particularly for the nightly process of loading data into a report server from the main database.

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by Michal Kovaľ on 27/04/2022

Recently we had a request to optimize LATCH_EX waits on one of the production servers for our customer. Today I would like to share with you our apporach and how we handled the situation.

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Xmas release 1.5.0
by Jiri Dolezalek on 14/12/2021

SMT Christmas release is ready

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SMT Waits
by Michal Tinthofer on 25/11/2021

SMT Waits reports – handy overview of what is going on at the server

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The power of SMT data and how we put together Index changes report.
by Michal Tinthofer on 10/09/2021

There are usually multiple ways how to provide a view of a set of data as a report, involving decisions like; keep it easy to read, interpret the relationships between multiple figures in the correct way and to show user as much information as possible at

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SMT 1.4.0 available
by Michal Tinthofer on 26/08/2021

We will be releasing SMT 1.4 in the next couple of days.

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