TechEd 2019
by Michal Tinthofer on 09/05/2019

We will be presenting at TechEd in Prague next week!

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SMT 00.5.70 Released!
by Jiří Doležálek on 17/04/2019

New version of SMT is now available, you can have a look on the summary of changes.

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SMT 00.5.60 Released!
by Jiří Doležálek on 14/02/2019

We have a new SMT version, take a look what has been changed.

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by Michal Tinthofer on 08/02/2019

I would like to say thank you for attending my presentations on this year ShowIT.

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SMT 00.5.55 Released!
by Michal Kovaľ on 26/11/2018

While we are working hard on a next SMT version we realised that we did not publish updates that happened during the current year, let us please fix that and inform you about new features and enhancements to SMT.

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FIX: Msg 15170, Level 16, This login is the Owner of 2 Job(s). You Must Delete or Reassign these Jobs Before the Login can be Dropped
by Michal Tinthofer on 26/01/2018

Recently I had an issue with this error during upgrade of SSISDB AlwaysOn Support using wizard.

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